Dear Beloved Friends,

The blessings of God are still abounding! Anna Marie and I are moving into the most exciting places of ministry. And we need your help.

Jack preaching at the Bowland Street Mission

First of all, since being on the Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural show, our ministry base has grown tremendously!  In the months that have followed, Jack has been interviewed on numerous mainstream radio and internet-based programs. Last month Jack joined Lil de Fin’s team for the reopening Smith Wigglesworth’s Bowland Street Mission (established in 1888) in Bradford, England. It was an epic re-visitation of the wells of glory in the Latter Rain Revival that took “Smith” to the nations of the world with many signs, wonders and miracles! With all this, to say the least, it has been the ride of a lifetime!  But we are only beginning!

The rest of this year and 2018 are filled with promises exceedingly abundant and beyond what we could ever ask or think. God TV USA and Ward Simpson is interviewing Jack in Orlando on November 28. This will open many more doors for ministry. God TV Europe wants us back at the Bowland Street Mission to cover another exciting/igniting event in March. This is, we believe, is a huge door into England and Europe! There is a hunger there like never before!

It gets better, if that’s possible!  Deep River Ministries is working on a television show on a major Christian Network to broadcast a show called Kingdom Medicine and Beyond. My dear friend Dr. Pete Ladoux and I will host a talk show interviewing top people from the medical/scientific world who love Jesus and want to help us fulfill the Smith Wigglesworth prophecy from 1947 that in a great move of God hospitals would partner with the Church that knows how to move with the Holy Spirit.

I am writing a new book called Encounters with the Throne of God. I am believing the Father in heaven for hundreds of thousands of souls through this writing.

With all this amazing work, we would like to ask for your help. The production costs alone are formidable. Would you consider being a monthly partner with Deep River Ministries?  We are asking for a $25, $50, $100 or $1,000 monthly donation. These dollars will fund an outreach that will reach the hungry people of many nations around the world to become followers of Jesus Christ. As we go to the nations, you and your support go with us.

Please ask Jesus what He would have you do to help us in this glorious time of favor and advance. Let me pray, “Jesus will you help us to be 100 fold good soil for the advancement of your Kingdom.  Thank you for your giving people.  May they be blessed beyond measure, running over, thriving in you!  Amen.”

God bless you richly,




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