Jack Sheffield on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural

Dearest friends,

Since our interview on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural, our lives have been radically altered!  There have been so many responses and requests from all over – England, Italy, US, Canada, South Africa and many other places. My sweet Anna Marie and I have been adamant that we answer each and every one that we can. Many say, we never get calls back, but  precious Anna Marie is praying 20 to 30 minutes over some of the most desperate situations imaginable.

Many responses, though, have been so uplifting, and we thought we would put a list together for you to enjoy alongside us.

“This morning while lying in bed, I hear your broadcast with Sid Roth. As soon as I hear you speaking about healing, I stood up immediately, and listen very carefully your testimonies on how God is using you and your wife in the healing ministry.”

“Just listened to Jack on Sid Roth (we’re driving home from Maine to Florida) -what an excellent presentation!  I felt the power of God moving in our car!! Woohoo!!!”

“I receive this impartation in Jesus name. Holy Spirit burn!!!”

“Alleluia to GOD BE THE GLORY! I’m excited that GOD’s power and glory will move also here in FRANCE! thanks of this video.”

“Wow! That prayer got my right leg burning. Thank you Jesus for healing me.”

“I personally was healed by Jack Sheffield and was so moved and filled with God’s Holy Spirit that I trained to become a member of Christ Healing Center’s prayer team. Jack and his wife Anna Marie are the hands, feet and heart of God’s healing river.”

“What this man says about Jesus’ eyes being the bluest you ever seen, made me think about my dream I had a few months back, I dreamt of Jesus and his eyes were the most sparkling blue you ever saw, I told my family about my dream the next day, and was describing His eyes, saying it’s not a colour on earth, then the words ‘ocean blue’ came to me, that’s the only way I can describe the colour .. amazing.”

“I receive it for us all. GOD bless us and Mr. Sheffield. Thank you Sid for this awesome program. Thank YOU, FATHER.”

“Praise the Lord!!!! I feel the fire right now and I feel amazing! thank You Jesus!!!”

“Greetings Jack and Anna, I receive ALL of this FIRE into every area of my life in Jesus’ Name. Your show is exactly what the Lord sent to me for this season!’

Blessings, favor and joy be yours in all love,




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